letters in the table…

From: Julie – 

I have a farmhouse table that my husband and step-dad made me. It’s beautiful with clean lines and stained wood. It seats 8 people and it’s used for everything under the sun. It has housed glitter card making, dinner parties, games, play dough creations, coffee with friends and even Christmas cookies in the making. But the best part about my table is all the letters written in it. 

I purposely wanted soft wood when they designed the table so as my kids grew I would have their first ABC’s and names engraved into the table. No, they don’t write directly on it… this is due to their pencils writing on paper and it makes a mark in the soft wood. My parents had a similar table growing up and it showed all my first letters too but I never appreciated their table the way I do my own. 

I was sitting at this table the other night and I happened to look down and see all the letters. I took some time to examine the little words I could read and I saw a whole lot of new little words I hadn’t seen before. Another words, it had been a while since I took a moment to examine and appreciate the small things. 

Most of the time we get too busy with work schedules, baseball and gymnastics, the doing of everything that we forget to focus on the small things. I am sure you have things in your life that keep you busy as well…but this is just a reminder to sit back and maybe grab a cup of coffee and take a breath to examine all the good little things about your life. 

Maybe its looking at the little words written on a table and thinking about the sweet little hands learning to write. Maybe it’s looking at your spouse or significant other and appreciating the twinkle in their eye or dimples when they smile. Maybe it’s remembering the way your house smells with all the holiday baking or the way your house sounds when you have friends over. Maybe it’s thinking about listening to your children pray sweet little prayers before bed. Say a little prayer of thanks for all those small blessings. 

Maybe it’s really about remembering to not miss the little things instead of always looking at what comes next. We get so focused on the big things that we miss out on the small but wonderful moments happening in the present. We get so disatisfied with the outcome of the big picture that we miss the small miracles taking shape right in front of us.

When the outcome looks gloomy in our family we play a thankful game around our table. We each have to go around the table and tell 3 small things we are thankful for. This helps us to readjust and reexamine our perspective. It has helped our outlook, the tone of our voice, the day gets brighter and we again remember to be thankful for the small blessings. 

Be grateful in this moment not just when it has passed you by. Take some time to examine your letters in the table, whatever they may be, and just breath…


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