Doom Vision

from april

It’s easy to have doom-vision these days. It’s easy to have trouble seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when we know what is destined to happen.

Let me explain.

I personally have had doom-vision. I personally have had a lot of trouble seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when I know what is destined to happen.

With all this presidential hoop-la and the joke it has become, it’s easy for us all to think that the end times must be near. There is nothing good that will come from either candidate at this point, and when we have lost hope in our country’s leadership, we subsequently lose hope in our country, in our state, in our town, and in ourselves. Enter the Anti-Christ.

Funny how we assume the Anti-Christ will come from a flaw in the American presidency. It very well may, but it just might not.

I don’t know about anyone else because I try not to talk politics very much. But I imagine Trump in the oval office, writing bills, making changes, doing president things and then suddenly I realize I’m not imagining….im watching it on TV because he has (so predictably) made the presidency a reality show. And he’s just pretending, acting like a president. He is playing dress up for the world to see. His comb-over standing at attention as the AC hits it just right.

Side note: I believe that if you have EVER had your own reality show, you should not be eligible to run for president.

Then I imagine Hillary. Oh Hillary. Who I picture in an Erudite Blue dress suit, pacing the halls of the white house, making sure all her “help”, or “security” is out of her site, since they are not worthy to look her in the eye. It’s ok, I’m sure they would turn to stone anyway. Then appears a light bulb above her head. An idea. I hope she refrains from emailing anyone this idea. She begins to write the idea that more expensive healthcare will decrease the amount of people who go to the doctor, which leads to increased death rates, which helps fix the social security issue and economic status. Soon after will come the faction system. I’m totally divergent. Just throwing that out there.

Side note: If you have ever been accused of the same crime over and over again, or questioned by the highest police authority we have, you should not be eligible to run for president.

I’m sure, like myself, you and many others have lost the respect once given to this position. We have drifted so far from what the presidency should be that its unrecognizable. If Lincoln were here to see all of this, he would probably volunteer to be shot again.

We Christians add to the air of hopelessness when we assume It can’t possibly get any better so the end times must be near. Right? That is all we talk about lately. End times, end times, end times.

This is how I have been thinking. In fact, recently, when I hear people say “pray for our country”, or “pray for Townwhojusthadamassmurder”, I think “why? Whats the point of praying for it, when we know its not going to get better?”, “Why pray for what we know is not in the plan? That’s dumb. And unproductive. “

That’s a terrible attitude to have, isn’t it?

But you can see how our emotions so easily drive us. My loss of hope automatically drove me into “Rapture-Zone”. But it ain’t over til Jesus says it is. (Or when the fat lady sings).

We have no idea when that will be.

Yes, I hate that our kids are growing up in a world where it’s literally not safe anywhere. Anything can happen at any time. I hate that as a single mom, I am being encouraged left and right to carry a concealed weapon. Which I am going to, by the way, and I hate that it has come to that. BUT here is the thing….

We are not promised exemption from harm. We are not promised safety from terrorists or presidents. We are not promised a life free of tragedy. AND we are not promised that we won’t be here for all the crazy when Jesus returns.

This isn’t new information.

What we ARE promised is eternal life with God. A life without pain or suffering in heaven.

So for me, personally, instead of having doom-vision about our world here on earth, I need to reset my mind to have Heaven-vision for the world we are destined for.

Things may not get any better. We will end up with a bad president no matter which way we slice it. But none of that matters. None of THIS matters. We were never meant for this world, so why do we strive to have hope or faith in it? Why do we continue to chase the wind?


Ecclesiates 1:14  says I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

This tells me that some day we will be above the sun- and wont get burnt by it any longer (figuritively and literally).

But We forget that we are here for a job. A mission. Not just to watch time pass, or endure it until Jesus comes for us, as if we are a kid waiting outside at school for a parent to pick us up. We have stuff to do!!! Our missions may put us in harm’s way, it may cause a rift, it may get us burnt or even killed. But there is also much joy still to be experienced in our mission. Joy that can only come from the peace that passes all understanding. A joy that allows us to have the doom vision but be able to still have joy and not worry or be afraid of what is to come.

So this election year, dont worry about who wins or doesnt. They both blow.

Instead, look past that. Look to your Holy President. The original writer of bills and creator of the Word. Its the only Law we need to live by. We signed HIS Declaration of Independence when our names were put in the Lambs Book of Life. And HIS Declaration of Indepence DECLARES us INDEPENDENT of the bondage of this world.

So we can sit here and whine about Trumps comb-over or Hillary’s botox, OR we can move on with our mission to love people, which hasnt changed, and live our lives for The Lord.

In the meantime, my vote is for Harrison Ford. At least i know he will protect me on an airplane.



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