Day 2: Hit repeat again – 30 day challenge

The Joy in Right Now

Has not the Lord gone ahead of you? Judges 4:14

 In this part of scripture, Deborah is giving a pep talk to Barak, who is about to battle Sisera and his 900 chariots of iron. An impossible match in normal circumstances. 

But these were not normal circumstances. They were operating under the power of God. 

I have to think that Barak was maybe freaking out and that’s why Deborah felt the need to tell him….”hey..don’t you remember who is going before you here? Why are you tripping? “.

How often do we start our day forgetting who has already gone ahead of us?  He’s got this. We only need to follow His lead.

And try not to be so anxious about the future or even just tomorrow that you miss the joy of where you are right now. 

If we trust that God has already walked this path, we can have joy and peace in every circumstance.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I freaking out over things when I need to trust that God has already gone ahead of me? 
  • Am I tripping about tomorrow when I need to open my eyes to what’s in front of me right now, and allow myself to have joy in it?

30 day challenge – read more in the hit repeat again previous blog…

  1. Write down a list of things you need to pray for 
  • This is not a wish list
  • Try not to just make them all about you šŸ˜‰
  • Keep the list small and purposeful

2. Spend at least 30 minutes in uninterrupted prayer

  • A scheduled time not just throughout the day
  • Ideas: 30 minute drive to work, actually getting up early, skipping a tv show, praying before bed

3. Read at least one scripture passage a day

  • Pick a book of the Bible and read a passage each day
  • Follow our blog for daily scripture

4. And if you fail one day out of 30 ā€“ HIT REPEAT AGAIN!


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