Day 29: Hit repeat again – 30 day challenge 

Let’s be honest – 

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were interviewing Mandisa. She’s a singer who became famous on American Idol and has gone on to sing Christian music on the radio. She was saying that she’s been battling depression for years and tried to hide it. It was when she decided to get honest with herself and with God that she really felt a breakthrough. She said it was the enemy lying to her and telling her if she was honest with how she was feeling people would doubt how God has worked in her life and even her relationship with God. She said she was silent for a long time because she listen to the lies of the enemy.

I haven’t personally walked in her shoes, but I know there’s been many times where I needed to be honest with others on how I was doing spiritually and due to that feeling of everyone knowing, I kept silent. King David in the Bible was known as a man after God’s own heart, yet you look at his conversations with God and they went up and down. He was pretty emotional. But I think that’s why he was a man after God’s own heart – because he was just plain old honest with God. 

David didn’t hold back, he shared with God the good, the bad and the ugly. He cried out to God when he felt the world was against him, when he felt all alone and when he wanted to do cartwheels and praise the Lord for his goodness. If we want to be people after God’s own heart we have to be honest too. 

There’s enough people walking around this world claiming to have God in their heart and live a lifestyle that doesn’t reflect that. There’s also enough people walking around this world who claim to have God in their heart but they’re not honest with other people or have anyone accountable in their life. I’ve had moments I’ve been scared to place people in my life that could speak truth to me but so worried about their judgment. The funny thing is I’m usually surprised that it’s not judgment that they offer, it’s true encouragement to keep going. I will however say this, make sure that the people you confide in have a life that really reflects Christ inside and out. 

So let’s be honest here:

  • How are you doing with this challenge?
  • Have you really shared with God your true heart?
  • Do you realize that He can handle it?
  • And lastly, have you placed people in your life that can speak truth to you? People that can tell when you’re lying, can tell when you’re not doing OK with God and people who can encourage you to keep going.

Tomorrow is day 30 of this challenge but I want to encourage you if you answered no to any of the questions above – don’t feel bad – just hit repeat again! 

“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” – George Washington

30 day challenge – read more repeat again” previous blog…
1. Write down a list of things you need to pray for

  • This is not a wish list
  • Try not to just make them all about you
  • Keep the list small and purposeful

2. Spend at least 30 minutes in uninterrupted prayer

  • A scheduled time not just throughout the day
  • Ideas: 30 minute drive to work, actually getting up early, skipping a tv show, praying before bed

3. Read at least one scripture passage a day

  • Pick a book of the Bible and read a passage each day
  • Follow our blog for daily scripture

4. And if you fail one day out of 30 –HIT REPEAT AGAIN!


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